Overwatch Real Rank Calculator

Welcome to the Overwatch Real Rank Calculator.

Find out what is your Real Competitive Rank using our Real Rank Calculator. We are using different statistics on your account to calculate your real rank.



Q: What are you using to calculate the real rank?
A: We are using different values from your ranked competitive data. We are using a mixture of heroes choice, wins/loss/ties rates, medals, play time.

Q: Is it reliable?
A: Of course. Not. We are using our own algorithms to calculate this value and this might not reflect what you think your rank is.

Q: Isn’t it just random in the end?
A: No, we are actually using a lot of values with some algorithms behind to calculate this rank.

Q: Why is my real rank so low?
A: Read the previous two answers.

Q: Why is my real rank so high?
A: Read the previous answer.

Q: I’m a main, wh..
A: Read the previous answer.

Q: What are you supporting?
A: Right now, we’re supporting PC only.

Q: My account does not return competitive data.
A: Play more competitive so we can get enough data to calculate your real rank.

Q: I can’t query my account even though I have recent competitive data.
A: It’s possible we can’t support your account due to various reasons. We’re working on this.

A: This is just a fun thing. Please don’t. Don’t take this seriously. Thanks and enjoy.

Q: I just want to give some feedback. No shouting.
A: Oh cool then. Join our Discord here: https://www.ethereal.network/discord and head to the #overwatch channel.

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