OW ECC 2020

:trophy: Welcome to the eNet Tournament. The Overwatch eNet Community Cup 2020 – Season 1.

The ECC 2020 is a league with two brackets.

:moneybag: $300 Total Cash Prize

:grandmaster: High SR Bracket (8):
:first_place: 1st Place: $120
:second_place: 2nd Place: $30

:platinum: Low SR Bracket (8):
:first_place: 1st Place: $120
:second_place: 2nd Place: $30

DATE: Starting Mid-September 2019

:family_mwbb: Teams:
:grandmaster: eNet Peak
:platinum: eNet Rise

:card_box: Brackets:
– High: https://challonge.com/owecc2019_high
– Low: https://challonge.com/owecc2019_low

Low SR requirements:
– Average SR should be :platinum: under 3000.
– Individual Player SR: Under 3500 SR Peak / Account must be level 100+
– Has played at least 3 competitive season
– Must be under 3500 SR Peak for the last 3 seasons

Join our Discord to sign your team up! https://discord.enet.gg