Various Commands for Game Staff

handy one for “has this person been stealing from lots of people, or just this one person?”
/co l p:[username] t:[time] action:container

“did they leave a bunch of inappropriate signs?”
/co l p:[username] t:[time] action:sign

Command to set Member (if they made a mistake in the command):
/lp user parent set Member

Rollback Command

/co rollback p: t:

– Make sure to verify that the player is correct and ABSOLUTELY do not forget it with p:
– Adjust the time accordingly based on the Inspect (if the guy griefed 1h ago, you can set the time to 2h)
– It will rollback everything (globally) that the user did (including griefing & raiding)

:small_blue_diamond: Examples:
– If user “bad_apple” griefed a building 4 hours ago, you would do
/co rollback p:bad_apple t:5h r:#global

– If user “bob_is_evil” griefed a building 2 days ago, you would do
/co rollback p:bad_apple t:3d r:#global

You can also adjust the radius to be localized instead of global. Example:
– If user “i_m_stupid” griefed the chestplate diamond blocks 4 hours ago in around 20 blocks, you would do
/co rollback p:i_m_stupid t:5h r:20


How to setup a region.
/minecraft:tp ~-37.5 ~ ~-37.5
(for a 75×75 claim) or
/minecraft:tp ~-75 ~ ~-75
(for a 150×150 claim) while on the center block.
/minecraft:tp ~37.5 ~ ~37.5
while on the center block.
//expand vert
before this or it’ll lag the server)
/rg define

Does not work with bedrock accounts for the name of the claim, just remove the * from their name.
/rg bypass
to toggle admin override for claims so you can test.

I’d edit to clarify – “tp -37.5, -37.5, use the wand, tp 75 75, use the wand again” basically


/rg addowner < username of claim owner > < username of person to add to the claim >