Our Future Plans for Minecraft 1.17

As you are aware, Minecraft is planning to release a new version (1.17) in Summer 2021 called “The Minecraft Caves & Cliffs“. This update contains a lot of breaking changes including terrain generation.

As a result, we are planning to do some changes to our Minecraft server.

  • A New Map will be created for 1.17 in the Main Server.
    • You will keep your inventory (main + ender) and balance from 1.16.
    • Your old builds (1.16) will NOT move to 1.17.
  • The Current Map (1.16) will move to our Museum Server.
    • This Server will let you view all your previous builds.
    • It will be in a “view-only” mode so no griefing is possible.
  • We will give you a reasonable advance notice when we’re planning to make the transition.
    • The 1.17 update promised by Mojang won’t happen before Summer 2021 according to their release date.
    • On top of that, work will need to be done by our developers before we’re ready to make the transition.

We hope this post answers all of your questions.

The eNet Game Staff.



eNet Christmas Giveaways

Giveaway is now over! Prizes will be sent to winners shortly.

:christmas_tree:It’s time! We will do some giveaways for this Christmas’ season. :notes: “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year”

:santa: Every week of this month, we will post a giveaway. It’s FREE to enter. You’ll just need to add a reaction in the #santa channel in our Discord to enter the giveaway! You’re not limited to a single giveaway and can enter for all of them.

:round_pushpin: North America only (US & Canada). Be aware that items will ship to the winners early 2020 (Jan/Feb/March at the latest).
:notebook: Full Terms and Conditions available here:

:calendar_spiral: :one: :mouse_three_button: Week 1: Logitech G Gaming Mouse (G305 Snow Edition)
:calendar_spiral: :two: :video_game: Week 2 (12/9): Sony PlayStation Classic
:calendar_spiral: :three: :control_knobs: Week 3 (12/16): Elgato Stream Deck Mini
:calendar_spiral: :four: :nintendoswitch: Week 4 (12/23): Nintendo Switch Lite
:calendar_spiral: :five: :coat: Week 5 (12/30): eNet Outwear Light Jacket & Stickers

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eN Store Now Open

Our store is finally open. We’re starting by adding our best T-Shirt, stickers and gaming gear!

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Overwatch ECS 2019

Tournament now over! Results available at!

Welcome to the eSportNet Tournament: The Overwatch eNet Community Spring 2019.

Competition is officially licensed under Blizzard’s Community Competition License.

$300 Total Cash Prize:

  • 1500-3500 SR Finale Winner: $120
  • No SR Limits Finale Winner: $120
  • All SR Finale Winner: $40
  • All SR Finale Loser: $20

Tournament is divided into two brackets:

  1. Teams No SR (no restrictions, usually > 3500)
  2. Teams 1500-3500

Current Registered Teams:

  1. Teams No SR : 2/4 (2 slots available)
  2. Teams 1500-3500 : 4/4 (Full)


  • :nut_and_bolt: Elimination games: Saturday, March 23rd (12:00 PM / 1:30 PM / 3:00 PM / 4:30 PM)
  • :trophy: Finale games: Sunday, March 24th (4:00 PM / 5:30 PM)
  • All Times in PST. Games will be live on Twitch.


Using competitive rules. All matches are Bo5. More details on our Discord.

How to Join:

Join our Discord and head to #esportnet-general if you want to enter your team in the tournament.



Overwatch CDU 2018

Tournament now over! Results available at!

Welcome to the first Ethereal Network’s Tournament. The Overwatch Community Duel 1vs1.

Play your scheduled games anytime from October 22 to October 26, 2018. Finale games from October 26 to October 28, 2018.

Competition is officially licensed under Blizzard’s Community Competition License.

Game modes:

"Best of 3"
> 1st Game: 1vs1 Mystery Heroes (9 rounds)
> 2nd Game: 1vs1 Mystery DM (first one to 20 points)
> 3rd Game: 1vs1 Widow HS (9 rounds)

Maximum participants: 50
1st Prize: $100 Gift Card OR $80 Cash Prize OR Logitech G903
2nd Prize: $25 Gift Card OR $20 Cash Prize
3rd Prize: $15 Gift Card OR $10 Cash Prize
All participants will receive Ethereal Network goodies (stickers, pins, tshirts) for free!

TO PARTICIPATE: Just add an EMOJI in the #ow-community-duel channel in our Discord. You can join here:

All players welcome! You’ll be contacted shortly before the beginning of the tournament. You must have an Overwatch account in good standing (ie. not banned).

Have more questions? Head to our Discord and to the #overwatch channel and ask away!

Tracking Page: