Our Future Plans for Minecraft 1.17

As you are aware, Minecraft is planning to release a new version (1.17) in Summer 2021 called “The Minecraft Caves & Cliffs“. This update contains a lot of breaking changes including terrain generation.

As a result, we are planning to do some changes to our Minecraft server.

  • A New Map will be created for 1.17 in the Main Server.
    • You will keep your inventory (main + ender) and balance from 1.16.
    • Your old builds (1.16) will NOT move to 1.17.
  • The Current Map (1.16) will move to our Museum Server.
    • This Server will let you view all your previous builds.
    • It will be in a “view-only” mode so no griefing is possible.
  • We will give you a reasonable advance notice when we’re planning to make the transition.
    • The 1.17 update promised by Mojang won’t happen before Summer 2021 according to their release date.
    • On top of that, work will need to be done by our developers before we’re ready to make the transition.

We hope this post answers all of your questions.

The eNet Game Staff.