eNet Christmas Giveaways

Giveaway is now over! Prizes will be sent to winners shortly.

:christmas_tree:It’s time! We will do some giveaways for this Christmas’ season. :notes: “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year”

:santa: Every week of this month, we will post a giveaway. It’s FREE to enter. You’ll just need to add a reaction in the #santa channel in our Discord to enter the giveaway! You’re not limited to a single giveaway and can enter for all of them.

:round_pushpin: North America only (US & Canada). Be aware that items will ship to the winners early 2020 (Jan/Feb/March at the latest).
:notebook: Full Terms and Conditions available here:

:calendar_spiral: :one: :mouse_three_button: Week 1: Logitech G Gaming Mouse (G305 Snow Edition)
:calendar_spiral: :two: :video_game: Week 2 (12/9): Sony PlayStation Classic
:calendar_spiral: :three: :control_knobs: Week 3 (12/16): Elgato Stream Deck Mini
:calendar_spiral: :four: :nintendoswitch: Week 4 (12/23): Nintendo Switch Lite
:calendar_spiral: :five: :coat: Week 5 (12/30): eNet Outwear Light Jacket & Stickers

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